The Socratest Amazon Alexa Skill is an application for Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant technology. It provides a voice user interface allowing users to interact with the app via voice commands and perform actions such as: select one of the six skills clusters, listen to the list of available podcasts for each cluster, listen to a specific podcast episode, move back and forward while listening etc.

The users are able to enable the Socratest Alexa Skill either in their mobile devices (after downloading the Alexa App for Android or iOS) or in an Alexa smart home device (e.g. Amazon Echo).

Please install the Alexa App for iOS or Android via the respective store:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

The Socratest Alexa Skill can be used in any Alexa enabled device. For more information please read the Socratest Alexa App Manual (pdf file).

You can listen to a demo recording of the Socratest Alexa Skill in use:

View a flow chart of the commands and usage of the Socratest Alexa Skill.