About the Soft Skills and Creativity Assessment Handbook

The Soft Skills and Creativity Assessment Handbook contains guidance and information materials about assessment and validation of cognitive, behavioural and operational skills, personal competences and about the creativity potentials which have been acquired through informal and non-formal learning.

The Handbook comprises, among others, the following themes:

  • Volunteering as a natural learning environment to acquire competences in times of crisis;
  • How creative industries and the art sector can benefit from cognitive, behavioural and operational skills and how volunteering experience in times of crisis can lead to new ways of thinking and cope with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity;
  • Validation of those competences will not be restricted to technical skills, but first and foremost to personal competences, i.e. “soft skills”;
  • Skills requirements in the post-era of the Covid-19 pandemic and in Industry 4.0.

The Handbook is an innovative answer to the growing importance of soft skills and creativity in the times of crisis with ongoing trends to increasing digitisation. It creates a clear link between volunteering on the one hand and professional career guidance on the other hand, as it provides guidance for volunteers in using assessment and promotion tools for their personal and professional development.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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